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Data Migration Testing Super Power

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

We face life with only two options: either move or be moved. Simply put...the Proof is in the Data.
We face life with only two options: either move or be moved. Simply put...the Proof is in the Data.

When tackling the many options to be effective and efficient with testing, QA/QE professionals face testing with two options: manual or automation. Or, do we? Our superpower is we can have benefits of both worlds. Manually validate the validity of the requirements and quality while automating the validation of the supporting technology using shelf or open source products.

Our superpower

“STRM Consulting’s superpower is creating a balance between the options. By encompassing the burning desire to automate everything, STRM learned to balance in order to meet the objective.”

Manually testing data includes data profiling, validating copybooks to data dictionaries, field/data mappings, and data flows. While designing and implementing automations, STRM validates data integrity, data quality, consistency, business rules, transformations, and movement/landing of the data. STRM works with end users to facilitate UAT reporting of the data per custom views and filter, and data representation to confirm successful delivery of the solution.

Testing Strategies To Consider

What is your Super Power when simplifying complexity of your data? - Collecting raw data - Identifying key points - Unpacking data for clear communication - Identifying the most effective story to communicate the data - Identifying data levels

What is your Super Power when testing your data? - Consider six dimensions of data quality - Utilize data profile techniques for accuracy and completeness - Reviewing current business processes - Create synthetic data for negative testing - Identify controls testing for monitoring and compliance validations - Implement automation for regression testing - Implement Integration and End to End testing to ensure touch points and interfaces are communicating successfully

Testing Approaches To Consider

How do you use your super power to ensure delivery of successful data migration? - Understanding current and future business processes - Understanding existing and new data flows - Creating data requirements - Using Mock Data test strategies - Using Data Driven Test approaches

Think About This

How would you translate the "bigger picture" into data visualization?

  • Use charts, graphs, diagrams, and infographics

  • Use software like Tableau

  • Creating presentations

  • Other

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