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Tigerpaw API Bi-directional Data Integration with Salesforce Using Jitterbit Harmony Integration

Company Background: "TechSolutions Inc." is an IT services company that uses Tigerpaw as their professional services automation (PSA) software to manage projects, customer relationships, and service requests. They want to enhance their operations by integrating Tigerpaw data with their Salesforce CRM. TechSolutions has partnered with Jitterbit Harmony Integration to establish a seamless bi-directional data integration between Tigerpaw and Salesforce.

Challenges: TechSolutions faces challenges in connecting Tigerpaw and Salesforce

  • Data Silos: Tigerpaw and Salesforce data exist in separate systems, leading to manual data entry and inconsistencies.

  • Duplicate Efforts: Employees need to update information in both systems, resulting in duplicated efforts.

  • Limited Visibility: Lack of real-time access to project and service data in Salesforce.

  • Error Prone: Manual data transfer increases the likelihood of errors and outdated information.

Solution: TechSolutions utilizes Jitterbit Harmony Integration to address these challenges

  • Needs Assessment: TechSolutions collaborates with Jitterbit to understand their integration requirements and business processes.

  • API Connection Setup:

    • Tigerpaw API: Establishes a secure connection to Tigerpaw's API to access project, customer, and service data.

    • Salesforce API: Establishes a connection to Salesforce's API for bi-directional data exchange.

  • Data Mapping:

    • Tigerpaw to Salesforce: Maps Tigerpaw project, customer, and service data to corresponding Salesforce objects and fields.

    • Salesforce to Tigerpaw: Maps Salesforce lead and opportunity data to relevant Tigerpaw entities.

  • Data Transformation:

    • Format Conversion: Uses Jitterbit's transformation capabilities to ensure data compatibility between Tigerpaw and Salesforce.

    • Data Enrichment: Enhances data with relevant information from both systems to ensure comprehensive records.

  • Bi-directional Sync:

    • Tigerpaw to Salesforce: Implements near-real-time sync for project updates, customer data, and service requests.

    • Salesforce to Tigerpaw: Syncs lead and opportunity data from Salesforce to Tigerpaw for project planning.

  • Automated Workflows:

    • Lead Conversion: Creates Jitterbit workflows to trigger lead conversion in Tigerpaw upon opportunity creation in Salesforce.

    • Project Notifications: Sets up automated notifications in Salesforce when project milestones are reached in Tigerpaw.

  • Testing and Optimization:

    • Testing Environment: Configures a testing environment to validate data flows and integration accuracy.

    • Optimization: Ensures optimal performance and data consistency through thorough testing.

  • User Training and Support:

    • Training: Provides training to TechSolutions' staff on using the integrated systems effectively.

    • Support: Offers ongoing support for any integration-related inquiries or issues.


  • Real-time Visibility: TechSolutions gains real-time access to project progress, service requests, and customer interactions in Salesforce.

  • Efficiency: Bi-directional sync reduces manual data entry, saving time and effort.

  • Data Consistency: Accurate and up-to-date data in both systems reduces errors and inconsistencies.

  • Enhanced Sales Process: Automated lead conversion and project notifications improve sales and project management processes.

  • Customer Experience: Better visibility into customer interactions leads to improved customer service and satisfaction.

In conclusion, TechSolutions Inc. leverages Jitterbit Harmony Integration to seamlessly integrate Tigerpaw data with Salesforce. The solution streamlines operations, enhances data accuracy, and empowers the company to provide better customer service and drive business growth.

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