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Using Jitterbit Data Loader for Automating Data Import and Export

As one of the leaders in Data Migration and Integration services, we leveraged a few data tools to help manage data loads. One of our primary tools in our data arsenal is Jitterbit Data Loader. As data experts, we try to ensure we utilize the best tools available to effectively and efficiently manage data loads to quickly get data in without sacrificing data integrity and quality to target systems.

To ensure we are equipped with using one of our primary tools, we trained and obtained certifications on using the Jitterbit platform as well as became a Jitterbit Partner. Below, is some additional information on obtaining the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader for your data loading needs.

STRM Consulting, LLC, will provide some short data case studies in upcoming data series on how we have used the Jitterbit platform to help implement data projects and provide support to our clients.

Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader for Salesforce

The Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader for Salesforce. Available for both Windows and Mac users, the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader quickly and easily automates the import and export of your Salesforce data. It’s also the only migration tool that natively supports all editions of Salesforce, including Group and Professional.

Integrating with the Cloud Data Loader is FREE and takes only 3 simple steps:

1. Register on the Jitterbit Cloud and then design using the Jitterbit Studio.

  • Connect to any file or database, local or in the cloud.

  • Built-in wizards guide you through the setup of your Insert, Update, Upsert, Query, Delete, or Bulk Load operations.

  • The Jitterbit AutoMapper graphically maps and transforms your data, automatically matching similar fields to save you time and resources.

2. Deploy your project to the Jitterbit Cloud.

  • Run your operations manually or on a schedule

  • Take advantage of automatic cloud backups – never lose your work!

  • Move millions of records in minutes using the high-performance Jitterbit integration platform

3. Manage your operations from the Cloud

  • Access your operations from anywhere, on any device!

  • Monitor the progress of your operations and see results right from the browser.

  • Get automatic updates to the latest version of Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader.

Ready to get started? Sign up for your free Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader account now!

Note: Jitterbit Data Loader instance is tied to one local agent. If you plan to use this for ongoing client production data for them to manage, you will need to install the instance on the client side. For additional data migration, you will need to download and install a new Jitterbit Data Loader instance onto your machine.

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